Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby G Blessing!!

Aloha girls!
Well i just wanted to let you all know whats going on for his blessing, it'll be on Sunday May 3rd at (of course) the Glendale ward.. ahemm... and as far as I know we'll be having a small kine eating for the family afterwards, but who knows it might turn into a ward kine eating.. but we'll see.. and yeah, that's pretty much it. My mom and grandparents are flying up, so i'm superrrr excited! As for an update on the little one, he's doing grrreeaat!!! He has his 2 month appointment in about 2 hours, and he'll be getting his first set of shots! soo hopefully all goes well with that! Fehi just started at 2nd job at this place called Integrity Financial Consulting, i think that's what it's called.. but he's super psycho.. He works that job during the day and Cottonwood at night when he can... But he likes it so I guess... TJ is FINALLY graduating from High School.. so we'll be heading down for graduation after Narisha's wedding, and so far it seems like most of us girls will be down there in Hawaii for graduation so ya know what that means.. BBQ at the beach before we all head back up to Utahrd! ... Well actually me and baby will most likely stay at least 3 weeks to a month in hawaii, so we'll seee.. Anywho, SETS when you movin to Oregon?!?!? So we can do another 7 Peaks and have you do a solo number, make sure your shorts stay on diss time ah??? hahhahahha.. thankyou mino for the video!!! thats toooo funnny!!! now post the pics, on bebo!!! love you guys!!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Too Funny!

I finally found my wire so HERE it is...the infamous TAHITIAN dance! Thanks girls for a memorable day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy birthday!! all our April girls..
'Ana, Lisi, Keipi..

Please forgive if we missed someone's bday

We love you!