Sunday, March 29, 2009

Congrats Nancy & Fam!

We'd like to congratulate Nancy, Loga, Simeti & Teila on the arrival of the newest member of their family .... Presenting ...

Born: Saturday, March 20, 2009

We're so happy to have another cub joining the wolfpack =) I didn't even know Nanc gave birth already until we saw her on Saturday. We're so happy Seta's down in the 808 for the weekend. We took some pics @ Prom and @ the bday party so I'll try and get those up. Anyways, welcome baby Silika! Know that all your aunties love you :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Narisha & Vai's wedding plans

I'm going to post them because I don't think she will or ever comes on here. But as of today the plans are Saturday May 23rd Temple Sealing in the Provo Temple. I think there's a dance here the Friday night before. And then a reception in Sacramento Saturday May 30th. Please come out to Sacramento if you can but YOU ALL better come out to the events here. Kay love you all and have a FANTABULOUS day whenever you read this!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Sister Niutupuivaha

hi chicks!!!
ey just thought i'd post these pics of our sister missionary... I found em on bebo.. so yeah, love you guys!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Aueluas, 2009!

Hey Family!

Can you believe it's been a year for us? A year as Mr. & Mrs. Auelua on March 1st and 5 years as Romey & Lieta this coming Sunday, March 8th! Romey and I were so amazed at how fast the year went by and were lucky to have spent our Anniversary with a family (Saturday) night of bowling, dinner, PIT and Demons! lol. For the single ladies, please find your dream man, I can solemnly say that it is a blessing to wake up and come home with Rome every day, and after hanging out with them so much, I know Fehi and Misi provide my sistas Lani and Hoku with that same comfort and assurance! It is truly a blessing and finding that special someone is the most important decision you'll ever uhh no pressure but hurry up and get married! lol.

Update on our plans: Together with my brother-from-another-mother Lambert, his wife Rachael, and our references, Romey and I are looking into establishing a non-profit organization that pretty much duplicates Misi's company in Hawaii. My family comes up at the end of the month to take Lottay into the MTC so I'm hoping to have all the information, fundamentals, and proposal ready to present to my Dad and Misi so we can push this thing forward. Along with that, the nurses at Cottonwood recognize Rome's work ethic and medical interest so they're encouraging him to go to school for his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree so we're working towards the "where and whens" of that. Upon expressing his desire to go to Nursing school, I realized that I actually wouldn't mind obtaining my BSN either lol because I love learning + I love a challenge + I love the idea of financial freedom = A Career in Nursing lol. So, I'll either wait till Rome's half-way through or done before I decide to pursue mine. To my sisters who are pursuing your degrees, keep truckin', we're here for your support!

Our new addition, baby MJ, is so cute, and I must add has the nicest hair ever! Hoku & Lan, maaaan, baby Leilen is so big he's just turned 4 months and he's already wearing 9-month-old clothes lol, he's so cute!

Anyhow, Narisha, what's to be done for your wedding? Let us girls know so we can get our craft/creativity on and poppin! Ok, Ok, ok, to sum up my novel, I love each and every one of you and miss you all and can't wait to see you again!



wolfpack @ BYU game room

Sup men! Well this past weekend the wolfpack hawaii chapter met on Friday to celebrate and spend one more night with our newest missionary, Sister Tilini. We kept is pretty chillax just having dinner @ Laie Chop Suey then off to bowling @ the BYU Game Room.  We had a blast! This past Friday definitely proved to me that it doesn't matter where we go cuz its the people who make the party.  Just being in the company of all the girls and the little families (yes, even the husbands came! LOL!) made it all worthwhile.  Afterwards, the single mens split away from the married couples as we made our way to the BYU dance while the couples went over and kicked it at the Lauhingoa's.  Here's some pics from that night but Ofa, I hope you had a good time.  We love you so much and are so proud that another wolfpack member is joining the Lord's force to spread his word :) Good luck out there in Oakland and remember, no get too hyphy ah? LOL! Til next time! PS - thanks Keipi for the pics =) 

Just a few of the lil cubs who joined in on the festivities
(Tangi Tafuna, Leila Tafuna, and Naiyah Fotu)

the Fotu Jr's

the Lauhingoa Jr's

the Tapu Jr's ... JK! LOL! Seini and Ian
(just fyi, Ini was ACKING w/her bowling skills that nite ... rematch comin soon!)

the tafuna jr's

Eh I know get more out there who took pics so POST 'EM UP! MAHALOZ!