Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Mornting!!!

Hi girls!
Well just wanted to update you on our lil family. We are doing wonderful! Granted, I don't get to sleep in as long as I would like, but that's the calling of motherhood! lol... My mom was here this whole week, pretty much, she flew in from Seattle on Sunday night and me and baby stayed with her in Taylorsville until she left on Thursday morning, :( it was so sad to say goodbye to her, she misses her grandchild sooo much.. hoiii... times are hard when you no more flying benefits! sucks! lol.. Anywayz, I still can't believe he's here!!! But i'm loving every moment of it! He had jaundice, not serious enough to keep in the hospital, but we had him on the lights at home, it finally went down, and i keep waiting for his poop to go mustard yellow, hahhhahaha, right now it's green, light green, when it's yellow that means it's all out of his system and we're good to go! lol... (What you all have to look forward too, monitoring the color of your babys poop!) hehhehehe... but yeah, it was so funny the whole time my mom was here she was trynna get me to breastfeed and then use the bottle (formula) at night.. i was like, heck no, i kno the day i decide to bottle feed, he's not gonna want my milk anymore.. but yeah, i'm holding strong to breastfeeding! Anywho, I just wanted to thankyou guys again for everything you've done for Fehi and I and our son! He is such a blessing! I still can't believe i'm a mama! lol.. anywayz, the blessing will be in May, fehi's mom will be leaving at the end of march and give sometime for whoevers in hawaii to save up and come! so yeah, if anything changes i'll keep you posted! love you guys!

Lani, Fehi & Baby

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our New Addition!

Moeakiola Fisilau Latu

February 18th, 2009 at 1:38pm
7lbs 7oz 21"

His Proud Parents:
Lani & Fehi Latu
Welcome little man! We love you already.
Your aunties,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby G

Haha...gurantees when Lani announced that we call the baby...Baby G...everyone was like...what the %*&#! was such a nice turn out tho and it came together despite well...the lack of enough food. Sorry guys! Lani if you ever need help with ALL your many gifts whether to set them up, put them together, rearrange your room PLEASE PLEASE let us know! We don't want you to be lifting and doing things you shouldn't be doing okay?!? Job well done GIRLS and hope you'll all be safe today! Have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY or in my case SINGLES AWARENESS DAY!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We're Back! Boo!

Haha! Hi men! We just got in from CA last night at midnight and OMG! I love the beaches out there! I love ALL beaches! But we're super excited to finally have Baby G's baby shower this weekend. Side note... since I was called into the RS I've been super busy with non-sense...nah just kidding...I'm on the Lords errand. But this Friday we're planning another wedding in our RS so if you guys need help with the baby shower ask me after 9pm Friday...hehe! I swear this is like the fifth wedding we've done since November. But for reals I'm super excited to see all you monkeys! Love you all!