Saturday, January 31, 2009

fehilani update...

alohaz! long time no blog! soooo... just wanted to update everyone on me and my lil family...
Fehi and I are doing wonderful... baby is doing wonderful too... it seems like he wants to come out a little bit earlier than his due date.. but we'll see... I had a doctors appointment last week friday and I had contractions 2 nights in a row before that... so I told my doctor, she checked, and wat do ya know.. i dilated 2 cm... my doctor was like "that's great!" and i'm like... what the.. no baby it's too early.. hahhahha... then i had my appointment earlier this week on wednesday and she checked again and she said i'm almost 3 cm, but this time i haven't been having contractions (or at least i don't know of any that i've had since then) sooo... who knows... My doctor doesn't think i'll make it to 40 weeks, fehi thinks otherwise, i just don't know... i'm 36 weeks right now and so if i can just make it to next week i'll be 37 weeks and i'll be considered full term... sooo until then i'm squeezing tight... hahhahahha...
But anywayz, Fehi is now working at Cottonwood with Romey, so i'm getting a little bit of what lieta experiences as a "Cottonwood Wife"... hah... he likes it cause i guess it's bubblegum.. anywayz, i'm excited for baby to come.. oh and funny story... so Maopa (Fehi's older sister) is naming the baby, she had told fehi that they were gonna name him Tevita Kingi something something something ... after Fehi's uncle... and I was like uhhhhh... no. No Tevita please... hahahhahha... so he told her and i guess baby might be named after fehi's brother moeaki... so we'll see..i won't know for sure until the day of i guess... But yeah, it's soo good to hear from all of you, and i hope you are all doing good! love you guys!

--- mrs. Latu
(oh, ahem i finally got my utah drivers license in my married name, i had to sacrifice my hawaii license, but it's okay, all worth it!... hahaha)

Friday, January 23, 2009

H&M Wolfgramm Update - real quick!

Hoku here... taking a quick break from school work to say ALOHA!!! I'm back in schol at the U.. Taking 3 online classes and 1 on campus. Lemme tell you, online classes keep you busy!! I still like it tho cuz it's less time I have to spend on campus. Misi and I just got back from a week vacation in Hawaii, and I was able to attend classes while in another state. LOVE IT!

Being home was refreshing. I got my fix for another month or so. Hehe.. I hung out with the former Hermana 'Unga. Yes, Ini's back!!! However, she left 75% of her in Argentina cuz girl is skinny!!!! I'm jealous. I mistook her for Sela. Oi!! We went over to Lina's with Bess to visit Aunty Sela.. She told us about how they talked to Lina all day on Christmas. They said Lina likes being in El Salvador because she's taller than everyone. HAHA.. Ian is back in Hau'ula.. staying til his lil sister graduates in June, then going to CA to work. Can u believe all these kids who were so little when we graduated are now graduating?!! I can't.. We are gettin old people!!

Anywho, we need another meeting to further discuss baby kahuku's shower on Feb 7th.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hi girls!!!<3

How are you guys?! Man, it's been foreverz since i've talked to any of you!!! besides mele that is. lol so how are you guys? I'm doing good here in New Mexico. one word, UGH! It's cold here and it sucks! lol I miss Hawaii already. We need to all get together one day and just hang out. Even if we just get together and talk. well, for those of you that doesn't know... I have 2 girls now. Leila's 3 turning 4 this Oct. and Tangi is 1 turning 2 in May. My husband and I will be married for 3 years now and it's going great. (aside from our moments lol) anyhow, anyone expecting a baby? getting married? I know about Lani. when is she due again... man, thank you ofa for informing me on this blog thing. now i can check up on everyone. LOVE YOU GUYS! oh and HAPPY belated NEW YEARS!

<3 keipi

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Classified Ads: Job or Place

Hi mens! So I'm planning to move back to Salt Lake and am looking for a J-O-B and a PLACE to live up there. If you guys see or hear of know job openings or cheap places to live hit me up. I want to be up there by May when summer semester starts so you know just let me know of anything. I'm slowly getting into looking for a job and apts up there...i mean sloooowly. Haha! Hope you guys had a great sabbath!



Me and jrab ova hea tryin to figuah dis ting out.. we didn't know how to small kine login and do all of dis kine stuff.. so like?? YUPPSSS.. we finally got on.. tha hawaiians are on board!!!!!!!! CORNER DAT NIGGA LOL.. so y can't a sista call anotha sista up?? i mean.. y so technical??? but i guess dats how we doozie in KAHOOOOOOOZZIIIEEE

Teenah aka Foxxxy
Sets aka Jrab

Monday, January 5, 2009

2009... Woooww...

Hi gurls!
I still can't believe it's 2009.. but I'm glad that we've all been kickin it or at least keepin in touch more! It was super fun kickin it for rish's and tina's bday... and sooo mele's birthday is next... we should just kick it and celebrate for her on that day.. i mean, it's only fair we keep the tradition going for whoevers birthday it is, no matter where they're at! hahhahahhahha...
Bess... I'm soo jealous your in Hawaii.. when you coming back? Did you get my list? hahhahha... jk! I'm getting over the hawaii cravings, and juss eating wat i can get up here... Let's just say i'm super grateful for my husband and his putting up with my 'cravings'.. one day it's chocolate, next it's soda, and today it was oreo's... hahhahahha...
Saturday night i think i had somewhat of a contraction, i was knocked out and woke up cause my stomach started hurting and tightened up but only for little bit, or at least i woke up for a couple seconds then knocked right back out.. but all is good... Baby is still kicking, hard... I have my next appointment on Friday... still need to look for a pediatrician for the baby... oiii soo many things to do before the baby is born...
Anywayz, it's another night at lee and romes with misi and hoku too... time to play pit for us 3 and wii for the 3 hubbys... it just works out better that way.. cause they get butt hurt when we win... hahahhahahha... jk! ahemmm... I won PIT last time.. and i'm ready to keep up my winning status tonight... woohhoooo!!! bring it on! lol...
Oh and Bess, i checked out your brothers blog.. bah... soo technical da guy... we're like still on beginner status... hehhehhe
OH and one more thing... me and lieta are soo doing the "single ladies video" as a work after i give birth... key word: after, bumby i give birth early.. hahhahhah... new years resolution for me is to up the spirituality and down on the weight... sooo yeah, lee when you move to that townhome of yours.. i'll be there excercising!!! anywayz, hope all is well.. love you all!!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Aloha Ka Kou E Na Haumana!

Aloha titas!

Hope everyone had a mele kalikimaka and a hau'oli makahiki hou :) I've been home in Hawaii since Dec 23 and have not done a dang thing. I never went beach yet, flea market, waikiki, byu dance, nothing.  I have been at home all day watching tv, camping on the internet, irritating the heck out of my mom and nini, and I LOVE IT.  How come I do the same thing in Provo and I just wanna shoot myself? Anyways, I've really been catching up with my local side since being here. Well, maybe just the slang and the music.  I'm so glad that everyone got together for Risha and Tina's birthdays - I wish I was there to celebrate with you all :) Anyways, here's some scoops so far from the 808.

The day I landed me and Nini went straight to watch Pati's game at the annual Christmas Bowl.  A whopping 30+ teams registered for this years Bowl at Laie Park which included girls and kids (did they always have kids and girls' teams?) so we've been there to watch George (Nita & Lei's lil bro) and his team play as well.  So we go there to support Pati and the boys but, in reality, we're there to catch up with all the sistahz watching from the sidelines.  We met up with Keipi, Neva, and Smalls and others and had a blast talking story and catching up.

Christmas Eve a bunch of us went to see the Christmas Lights in Honolulu and got some grub with the kids before.  I know Sie and Neva them took pics and my brother Will as well.  I'll get some publicity out for him right now. Check out my bro's blog kavalava - he always updating his photo album and stuff so check it!

Kahuku 3rd had their New Year's Eve Dance joint with Hau'ula 6th Ward in Kahuku.  The usual DJ/Live Band duo was there w/Fehi and everyone's favorite Saake and Toni-Poko (Tina's boo, lol).  We had fun but I sure did miss seeing all you girls there.  Fehi actually played 'Single Ladies' and poor me was rockin it out with Vicki and some of the YW - shame! Lol. But we all rang in the New Years together and ended w/cocoa, bread, rice, puaka, topai, and kale.

So uhm, yeah that's been my vacation for you guys.  Everything in between has been facebook, bebo, keeping up with the kardashians, momma's boys, and bowl games. I'm gonna end this SHORT post with a kccnfm100 favorite, "No One" by Maoli.  Nini always screams at me saying that this song is old but um, like I care about her endless negative comments that she randomly throws out every so often. Enjoy and see you in a few! Tchau!



Friday, January 2, 2009

H&M WOLFGRAMM UPDATE -- Goooo Utes!!!!

OMG! *big sigh* of relief!!! Today, I proclaimed my last day of work for Arbor Senior Care aka Losers!! lol... My official 2 wks notice is up on Jan. 12th but like I'm gonna work! lol... Bah Humbug!

Aside from USPS, I applied online to the Marriot Vacation Club Inc. Katie's friend works there, and referred me. If anyone is interested, holler at me thru text. lol... Hey, I figure I'd give Misi some return in hotel benefits.. :D.

It's the 2nd day of 2009!!! What is everyone up to?? I need major help getting financial aid for school cuz I've never qualified before now.. Yet another perk to marrying Misi! haha.. Love ya Misi!!

This year I hope to:

- pay off and save more than I spend
- get healthy and lose weight! (every year goal LOL)
- improve relationships with EVERYONE
- bring myself closer to financial freedom
- get closer to graduating!!!
- be a better wife, sister, friend, and daughter
- do only that which brings me closer to our H.F.

Love ya all!!!!!!! - H&M

OMG! Haha...I'm so proud of you married girls!

It's been a while since I've been on here, but I'm so happy you guys are using this! I thought for a while that Hoku and I were tag teaming who would post next...haha! Nice to hear the updates on PIT! How come that's all we played yesterday for New Years! I'm sure you guys were doing the same thing. HAPPY NEW YEARS to everyone and for sure we need a rematch! It just didn't feel right yesterday winning against all my little cousins and older aunties...bahahaha! It was good practice though. Just let me know the time and place and I will bring it! Lol!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

... the samongan family update ...

CORNER!!!! do not mistaken my tortoise strategy for weakness!!! hahahaha. That's it, I'm asking for a re-re-match without the re-retards hahaha (the husbands)... Nah, it was so fun!

Well, it was gloomy outside today and I'm feeling sick, danget. So good news! We've decided NOT to move to Hawaii! And even greater news, we're moving closer to a freeway! lol. Next week Wednesday we'll be moving into the new townhome at Liberty Commons and I'm stoked! If we have a garage sale or give-away-everyfang event, we will keep you guys in the loop. Jerome and I are doing great, we just can't wait to move (although it will put us out of bounds with our current, super-awesome ward). Those of us that are stuck in Utah need to meet up more often because Teenah's birthday was hecka fun! Couples night was fun too but perhaps we should start earlier next time so it doesn't go till 6 in da mornin! hahaha. I miss Hawaii but I'm doing great without the floods, mosquitoes, humidity and "cramped-ness," so I guess I just miss my loved ones hahaha and if you all didn't hear already, my little sister was called to serve in the Salt Lake City, Temple Square mission and she reports to the mtc on April 1st! I know huh, woooooooow. lol. And we need to meet up again soon, we always have too much fun when we do, and we need to do it before we move so that we can use hoku's kiddie sleds to slide down the mountain by my house.

With the new year, we should have like enrichment activities, especially activities to help us maintain, strengthen and increase our spirituality, at least once a month or something, i.e. fhe, crafts, sewing, gift baskets, charity work, food storage OPRAH hahaha--etc. etc. Anywho, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL THOSE NEAR AND FAR, I can't believe it's already '09, can you believe we graduated 5 years ago? whoaaaa. Ok, I'm tired and sick so pardon my randomness, hope to see u guys soon,

Lieta & Rome