Wednesday, December 31, 2008



So, I am totally bummed that I am not in Hawai'i right now getting ready to light fireworks in Hau'ula.. UGH! What is everyone doing here in Utah?? I can't think of anything!! haha.. I'm tempted to drive down to Vegas to watch the firework show there!! Anywho, it's been fun hangin out wit the girls who are stuck in UT like me. haha.. For all other girls, remind us to teach you how to play PIT when u come back!! Which reminds me, Bess, I am totally jealous that you are in HI righ now.. boo hooo!!! hahahaha Katie, Misi, and I attempted to play "What If" last night... Warning: don't do that!!! It was hilarious.. We knew who wrote what, and we hold no bars when it comes to offending eachother so u can jus imagine what the Q&As were... oiaue!

Lani, I told u to lay of the soda.. Now look at ur moms sayin da same thing!!! lol.. jk!

We're havin fun hangin wit my nieces & nephew visitin from AZ... they are hilarious. Wish they could take me to AZ with them!! Where it's warm-er!

I like where we're staying now, Misi's grandpa's place. Big surprise to me, cuz I thought I would hate it!!!! They are totally cool, and leave us alone!! hehe.. Besides the Tongan aroma, it's cool. LOL.

I'm in the process, A VERY LONG PROCESS, of applying to work for USPS.. If I do get the job, we won't start training til Feb!! WHAT THE?!! I need a job people!.. lol.. I'm also starting school again at the U.. full time... holy hell!!! pray for me..ahaha

Oh, and Misi is still workin hard at Delta to support us with shelter, food, insurance, and BENEFITS!!! whoo hoo!!! hahahahahahahaha

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I hate snow! hah

I hate the snow, but after hearing whats going on bak home in hawaii, you start to think that maybe the snow and cold isn't so bad after all, right?!?! Well, Mele called me yesterday saying to tell everyone to pray for them cause the the whole island had a blackout and the weather was bad, i guess, haven't really heard much after that.. but let's hope all is well out there on the island! Anywayz, last night was fun, it was narisha's birthday and we had a little get together at their house in Orem, thanks for having us over! Food was good, and so was spending time over there! Anywho, and just wanted to wish tina and early happy birthday!!! yeyyy!

Anywho, as for Fehi and I, we are wonderful! The baby seems to be kicking harder now a days, so that tells me he's growing, fast... I just realized that i have about 9 more weeks until i give birth, what the heck! talk about time flying by fast! Hahaha, so whoever plans my baby shower, no need be one suprise, juss lemme kno cause i get couple people who already said they like come! hehehe... Anywayz, I'm excited yet nervous, don't know what to expect, but hey all is good, i guess we'll all learn at the same time! anywayz, hope everyone is doing good! What's everyone's plans for new years? okiedoks! ttul! love you all!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

errr... Confused?

Ok, I'm not sure if I'm writing in the correct spot or if I've even clicked the correct link but let us hope. This is so nice, my first time here, and it's so funny I just decided last week that I should start blogging because Darren Rowse makes six figures doing just that!

Anyway, I miss everyone. Lani, when are you due? The only one that I've seen is Seta, and that was a while ago! how the heck is everyone? Umm, I haven't seen you guys in such a long time that I feel like I need to write a little about myself hahaha.

Anyway, we love our ward, our home, Utah's gas prices, Utah's food prices, eh, Utah's cost of living in general but we are gonna be moving soon... back to the motherland! Hahahahawaiian! My dad misses his favorite child (lol), he wants all his keikis to be together and he wants Rome to fill a position in the company, so we think it'll be something fun to try. Rome's actually okay with it considering the fact that Mr. Ulysses is stuck there as we speak and is in dire need of a friend hahaha. Today he called me complaining that a bottle of pancake syrup is $11... that's ridiculous! Anyway, nothing's set in cement yet but so far that's the plan man. If we do, we'll have to have like a fun game night or something with fun and food. Did I mention that I miss you guys? Hopefully I've written this post in the right place.

Ok, Mele Kalikimaka Hawaiians,

Love your guts,

Mrs. Auelua

Monday, December 15, 2008

Congrats and Welcome to Utah!

Congratulations to Ofa Tilini for graduating! Woo hoo! I wish that were me. Do you guys like listening to me blog on this thing? I should be studying for finals...but need a break. Tina's graduation is this weekend and I'm so envious to those who can make it out there. Finau's here and going through the MTC this week Wednesday so we'll all see each other right?!?


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I heard from the "Coconut News" that Nancy and Loga went through the temple last week and Sie and Polo are going through in a few weeks! Exciting news! Can you guys tell I'm bored of Bebo, Facebook, MySpace and the list goes on and on:) Just wanted to update the few of you who come on and thanks for updating us whenever you guys can!


Monday, December 1, 2008

It's December and it's still warm!

Woo hoo! I love Utah right now...psyche! But thanks to those of you who make use of this website. Isn't it easy and cool? Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving...Lani if you took the pumpkin pie that was at our house Thanksgiving...Bess was looking for it the very next morning...hehe!'s December 1st and there's so much going on this month. As far as I know there's:

December 11: OFA receives her endowment- Rexburg Idaho Temple

December 12: OFA's Graduation from BYU-Idaho

December 17: Sister Finau Niutupuivaha enters the MTC-Provo

December 19: TINA's Graduation from Henderson

December 25: CHRISTMAS!!!

December 26: Spencer & Crystal's Wedding-Hawaii

December 27: Narisha's 21st bday

December 29: Tina's 22nd bday

If there's anything I left out please update it. And umm...if you guys can think of anyone I might have left out just let them know about our blogging skills:) Hehe...happy holidays! Oh and Hoku if you haven't left yet I would like some cookies form Cookie Corner and also some pake cake and mochi crunch and my list can go on and on. Pake cake would be just fine!