Sunday, November 30, 2008

California Oakland Mission

Hello everyone!

This is Ofa Tilini. I just wanted to let you all know that I have been hereby called to serve in the California Oakland Mission, English speaking. I report to the MTC March 4, 2009... I also graduate from BYU-Idaho December 12, 2008.

this is LANI!! woo-hooo!!!

Finally, I brought myself to blog! hah.. I guess I'm just tired of seeing Hoku write to herself! hahaha.. jk hoks! Well first of all congrats to Sister Tilini!!!! Getting her call! Didn't even know she was preparin to go on a mish! Which means we have 2 more of our girls ready to serve the Lord! How wonderful!!!! Anywho, I'm just sittin here bored, after applyin to 2 stay at home jobs, I decided I'd come and check this thing out! So how is everyone! And how was your thanksgiving??? Okay, so I ate everything but Turkey, and now i want some! How fat is that?!?! lol.. It's all good! Can't believe this year is almost ova! I swear it just begun! anywayz, hope all is good wherever you guys are at! and Hoku, COOKIE CORNER!!! CHOCOLATE CHIP WITH NUTS!!!!! and no me and my child don't have diabetes, they already did tests for that... and I passed! hahhahhaha... soo funny story, I had my appointment and I had to go do the glucose test thingy, and so they gave me this orange drink and she said that I had 5-7 minutes to drink the whole thing, and so I'm like, Okay, and up until that point all I've ever heard about this drink was that it was nasty, and that it was too sweet and all that stuff, even a lady just sittin there was like, "i'm so sorry you have to do this, I hated this part" and so i'm thinking, dang this drink must really be that bad, and so I open it up, take a sip, and was like... hmmm.. this taste like Orange soda, and then I killed the thing in like 2 seconds, and was like "i'm done!" and the lady was like "really?!!!" hahhahahha... and I was like yeah, it tasted like orange soda, and I wanted soda, so thanks! hahahhaha... But anywayz, I think my taste buds can't taste anything spicy or too sweet... no wonder the baby kicks me all da time! hahahha.. Anywho, Fehi's laughin at me right now cause he said I must be hella bored to be typin my life long story on here... lol... it's all good... thanks for killin some time! time to go knock out! soo goodnight chicks.. i ttul! =)

Monday, November 24, 2008



Sunday, November 23, 2008

OKAY! So, here's the H&M Wolfgramm Update!

WE'RE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup... I'm sad but, we have to. Misi has been working his butt off lately because my job cut my hours so that I basically don't have any hours?! Jerks... lol. Anywho, I'm currently looking for another job so, we've decided to leave our little apartment. :( Where are we moving to? 1478 W 600 S SLC, UT 84104, or somewhere around there! haha.. We're moving into Misi's grandpa's basement. I know, right?? Honestly, it took me losing a lot A LOT of pride to make this decision. I've been living on my own for so long, my ego can't think of living any other way! However, hard times call for desperate measures.. Or however that saying goes. Misi says when he use to stay there, it was pretty much like living on his own except, cheaper! Yay for cheaper! haha.. Anywho, we can save money and help his grandpa around the house. Yes, of course, we're going to help pay too!

So anyway, we won't be able to host all of our "hostle children" like usual but, we'd still love for ya'll to visit when you can! It'll just be us downstairs so that's good, right? OH YEAH, and we're planning on doing this all by Thanksgiving. Where am I going to put all our stuff?!! So, if any of you would like any of our furniture, take it! hahaha.. It's not the fanciest stuff but, hey, it works!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hi girls! There's nothing for me to do here at the hospital (no...I'm not sick it's just a class I'm taking) and I was going through some of my friends from HS' blogs and it reminded me of the good old days when we used to be on MSN all the time. Lol! Thanks Lani for keeping that up and running for so long. I thought this would be a great way for us all to stay in touch in a more private way than Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, yada yada...the list goes on. It's a nice way to update each other with the "haps" in each others lives seeing how we live so far away from each other "wink wink." But you know it's good to update each other on upcoming weddings, mission farewells, babies, and just everything you want to share with your fellow sisters scattered across the U.S. You can create your own blog...esp for those of you who are married...I've seen cute ones...or just check out the blogs that we post. I have the gmail acct for the blog so if any of you want to post something or whatever just let me know and I'll send you the username and password. Check out some of the blogs. If you need somewhere to start you can check out or and just flip throug some of the blogs and tell me what you guys think.

Mucho Gracias,