Thursday, March 12, 2009

Narisha & Vai's wedding plans

I'm going to post them because I don't think she will or ever comes on here. But as of today the plans are Saturday May 23rd Temple Sealing in the Provo Temple. I think there's a dance here the Friday night before. And then a reception in Sacramento Saturday May 30th. Please come out to Sacramento if you can but YOU ALL better come out to the events here. Kay love you all and have a FANTABULOUS day whenever you read this!



  1. thanks mino for the update. yay im excited for the wedding. i will be @ the sealing for sure and the dance. and even if it means i gotta hitch-hike my way to sac-town SO BE IT. i will also offer my manpower services (im usually the human ladder during these festivities) so if u guys need help i am here =) love you guys!

  2. coolio! just let us know if you guys need anything, we'll for sure be there for the sealing and dance, but no can-do on the reception since we'll be in hawaii for graduation, which i'm super dissapointed about... hoiiii... okiedoks! let us know! -lanz